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DIY Vanity Installation

Bathroom Vanity Installation Resources
Installing a bathroom vanity properly can potentially be a confusing and difficult project, particularly if you’re a relative novice to DIY bathroom furniture installation. It's certainly different from the furniture anywhere else in your house! We typically recommend to our customers that they hire a certified contractor to install their new vanity cabinet, but if you have some experience with bathroom furniture, or if you're just a naturally intrepid Do-It-Yourself-er, then read our guides on vanity installation and enjoy your remodeling project!

  • Installing a New Bathroom Vanity
    The basic guide to installing any new bathroom vanity. What do you get out of installing a vanity? Why should you install a bathroom vanity? Does getting a new bathroom vanity make sense for your remodel? This article does not go over actual step by step installation methods, but is a long-view of installing bathroom vanities in your home.

  • DIY Floor Standing Vanity Installation
    This guide assumes that you are installing a large floor-mounted vanity, but it also assumes that you intend to fix the standing vanity to your wall for added stability and permanence. If you intend to keep your vanity free-standing and therefore more portable, just ignore the steps that involve screwing the back into the wall, etc.

  • Installing a Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity
    Like your bathroom furniture a little more... suspended? Our step by step tutorial for a wall mounted bathroom vanity installation will make the process easier! Affixing a cabinet to your wall is easy with the right tools, the right mindset, and a thorough knowledge of where the studs are located in your wall.
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