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Installing a Wall Mounted Vanity

Installing a Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity shows that you have style, and will reflect on your personality and taste, in the decoration of your bathroom. The vanity is the centerpiece of the bathroom, and it will determine the kind of fittings that you place in the room. Your family and visitors will appreciate your expressive cabinetry, and you will feel more comfortable whenever you are in the bathroom.

Proper Planning

Before installing a bathroom vanity, you have to mark out the area where it will be placed. This will give you a good idea of how the mirror will fit. You should also keep track of other fittings in the bathroom, such as an air vent, sinks, etc. Once you have planned the location of the vanity, you can go ahead and begin to install it. Do remember to use studs, which are the best for keeping the vanity in place.

Basic Tools

Just as a good handyman would, you have to keep all your tools in an easily accessible location. Here are some of the tools that you will need for the task.

You will need:
  • measuring tape, to mark out the area where the vanity will be placed
  • a pencil
  • masking tape
  • a stud finder, if you have one
  • a power drill, with multiple bits of varying size
  • wood chips and wood shims
  • silicone caulk
  • plumbers putty
  • pipe tape
  • a basin wrench
  • a screw driver

1) To begin with, measure the dimensions of the vanity, and using the measurements, draw an outline of the vanity, on the wall. You should also measure the depth of the vanity, and using the masking tape, measure out the dimensions on the floor. This will allow you to see if the vanity will obstruct anything else in the bathroom, such as the access pathway or any other bathroom fixtures. Should there be any obstruction, then you should shift the intended location of the vanity.

2) Mark out the location of the studs on the wall, using the stud finder. It is important that you mark the location outside the outline of the vanity, so you can easily locate them one you have lifted the vanity into place.

3) Next, measure out the distance from the edge of the vanity measurements which you drew on the wall, to the drainpipe stub-out and the water supply valves located in the wall. You should transfer these measurements to the back of the vanity. Using the drill, make sure that you cut access holes which are larger than the stub-out and the supply vales.

4) Carefully lift the vanity, and slide it into place against the wall. Take care that you keep the vanity in the position that you marked out on the wall. Taking a level, you should measure the placement of the vanity on the wall, making sure that it is not tilted. Take the wood shims and place them under the vanity, to ensure that it does not slide from its position.

5) Take the wood screws and drive them through the back of the vanity. You should use the stud locations that you marked out on the wall, to guide you on where to anchor the screws in the wall studs behind the vanity. Take the silicon caulk, and spread it evenly on the edge of the sink opening, and lower the sink into place.

6) Using the plumber’s putty spread a handsome amount on both sides of the deck of the faucet. Carefully position the deck plate over the holes in the sink, where the faucet will go, and then insert the faucet. The faucet should go through the deck plates and into the holes. Now you can go ahead and thread the nuts onto the underside of the faucet using the basin wrench.

7) Take a rope of plumbers putty and wrap it around the underside of the drain assembly, and then proceed to insert it into the drain opening in the sink. Using an adjustable pipe wrench, you should tighten the compression nut onto the underside of the drain assembly. Before you finally hand-tighten the pipe assembly, you should warp some pipe tap around the drainpipe threads.

Using these simple steps, you can install a bathroom vanity with ease. Once complete, your bathroom will have a new ambiance. If you liked this tutorial, you will love our blog! Check it out for great design tips, ideas, news, and interesting bathroom trivia.
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