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DIY Color and Design

Bathroom Color and Design Center
This is the resource center for all bathroom color and design articles. Discover new and exciting ways to turn your bathroom into a work of art! Not only is color a nice way to express one's individual tastes in the bathroom, it can also have psychological effects on bathroom guests - some colors soothe, while others constrict - so choose your colors carefully! You will also be introduced to ideas regarding patterns and tiles in the bathroom.

  • Bathroom Colors and Paints
    Read about colors and paints for your bathroom! Decorating any room in your house can be fun, and a great way to give it a fresh, clean feel. Although most rooms in the house can be painted with typical matte or semi-gloss paint, you’re going to need something special in the bathroom.

  • Choosing Grout Color
    When people decide to redecorate their bathrooms, there are a lot of things they will need to think about. One thing that people very rarely think of when they decorate their bathroom is the grout color.
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