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Bathroom Colors and Paints

Choosing Colors and Paints for Bathrooms

- By Geraldine Plasse

Decorating any room in your house can be fun, and a great way to give it a fresh, clean feel. Although most rooms in the house can be painted with typical matte or semi-gloss paint, you’re going to need something special for your bathroom remodeling project. Not only will you need your bathroom paint to be waterproof, but you will want to pay close attention to the color and style that you end up using. Color has a massive impact on the character or “feel” of a room, and in a smaller room like the bathroom, this effect becomes greatly exaggerated. If you choose a paint color in an arbitrary or poorly-planned way, you might well end up making your bathroom look very small and uninviting. And since a bathroom is primarily a place of comfort, it will be in the home designer’s best interests to open up the space with colors that inspire and warm the room.

Bathrooms should be a tranquil place for you to relax in at the end of a long day. The color on the walls can significantly alter your mood, and determine how you feel when you are in your bathroom. Although there is a vast spectrum of colors available, there are many that will not suit the bathroom environment. You have to think about the image that you want to create, and the space you have available.

Smaller bathrooms need to be painted to make them feel larger, and brighter, and using light colors will achieve this. Color is vital when trying to place your personality into a room, and you can achieve so much by choosing the right color. For a great primer on colors and color wheels, please check out this fantastic wikipedia resource: the color wheel!

Many people like to organize their bathrooms with themes, such as “the beach” (or a similar sea-related theme), which is one of the most popular modern themes today. If a theme is done well it can look amazing, and create a fantastic area to relax in. As with many themes though, remember the adage that “less is more,” and you need to remember that often bathrooms are small spaces. Too much “theme” can crowd the space and ruin the effect, taking your design from art to kitsch.

When you want to make the final decision on the color in the bathroom you need to think how the completed room will look with the bathroom suite, accessories, and tiles. Everything needs to coordinate well, and if you can make an overall decision it will make decorating easier. Although blues were always very popular in bathrooms people are becoming bolder with the choice of colors. You may want to choose a lighter color, and decorate with bright vibrant accessories.

If you are choosing your wall color from the choice of tiles you have this can bring the whole room together well. Plain tiles are perfect as they will combine a choice of two different colors well, and ensure that your color does not seem overbearing. Whatever color you decide on you must remember to purchase high quality, waterproof paint. The moisture in your bathroom will be very high, and you do not want all of your hard work to peel off the walls in a short time.

Planning is essential when looking to decorate any room in your house, and the bathroom especially. There are several different elements to this room that you need to consider, and getting it wrong can be costly. If you are unsure of the colors, and style to choose for your bathroom you should seek professional help.

There are many different companies that can assist you with the color choice, and decoration of your bathroom. Once the bathroom has been decorated, you and your family will love spending time in the idyllic room relaxing. Although bathrooms need to be a tranquil place they also need to be practical, and that is sometimes where people find it difficult to achieve this compromise.
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