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What in the World is a Vessel Sink?

A vessel sink is a new twist on a traditional sink basin. The typical vessel sink has finished walls inside and outside. Vessel sinks are made from any one of a vast array of materials including glass, metal, stone, plastic, china, clay, copper, cast iron, steel and occasionally other materials.

Glass is typically the most popular material used in vessel sinks because it is stylish and inexpensive, but the stone could be the wiser purchase for some consumers because it is more durable.

Vessel sinks are popular due to their ease of install, variety, popular style, and cost-efficiency. They come in a large variety of styles which means there is a perfect vessel sink for almost every bathroom. They are easy to install which means they can be quickly and inexpensively installed in almost every bathroom. The stylish designs available in different types of vessel sinks means they will make the bathroom look better. And, since they are inexpensive there is an affordable vessel sink for every consumer. 

Replacement of vessel sinks is a rather simple process because they are modular. Most vessel sinks can be attached on top of, in or from underneath a countertop while a few types of vessel sinks need a wall bracket.

The actual installation process varies depending on what type of countertop is being used. If the countertop is a material that cannot be drilled through due to cracking such as granite or marble then glue is used to attach the sink vessel to the countertop. You can attach a vessel sink to a laminate style countertop using screws.

When choosing a specific sink vessel, it is important that you do not simply go with the sink that catches your eye first. Take into consideration how the vessel sink would look in your current bathroom with your current vanity. If you are getting an entirely new vanity, use your current bathroom vanity as a judging tool. Ask yourself what you like about it and what you don’t like about it. Then, apply that and make the necessary changes in your vessel sink purchase. The second thing you want to consider when choosing a vessel sink is how it will look in conjunction with the entirety of your home. If you have a lot of granite throughout your house, you might want to install a granite vessel sink. If you use laminate in all of your bathrooms, then you will likely want to install a laminate vessel sink. The other option is to install a vessel sink vanity that already includes a vessel sink. Consistency is the key to choosing your perfect vessel sink.
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