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Modern Toilets

Modern toilets from Trade Winds Imports represent the finest that contemporary design and engineering has to offer, with incredible water-conservation capability, elegant aesthetics, and enduring quality that will last a lifetime.

At Trade Winds Imports, we believe that the "True Ideal" in modern toilet design can be distilled to a few simple factors: power, efficiency, clog-resistance, and of course, aesthetic beauty. We invite you to browse our handpicked selection of stunning toilets and see our ideals in action.

Our best toilets deliver incredibly powerful flushes with water conserving dual-flush functionality every time. With every press of the button, our modern toilet systems optimize the flow and force of the water to eliminate any amount of bulk waste without wasting unnecessary amounts of usable water.

All of our modern toilet bowls are meticulously designed to be practically clog-proof, with an intelligent water delivery system and a trial-tested mouth that is large enough to dispose of any amount of waste effectively without being so large that it wastes water resources.

Indeed, all of the toilets in our collection have been fine-tuned and painstakingly tested to meet our rigorous standard of excellence. Self-cleaning, power-flushing, water-saving, clog-free toilets are par for the course at Trade Winds Imports. We promise nothing but total performance, and we deliver.

But toilets are not just about power and efficiency: as pieces of modern furniture, they must also be elegant, and enhance the décor of any room they are a part of. All of our toilets are designed to be eye-catching installations, works of art that complement your bathroom. They are not simply things to be "used," but to be enjoyed and appreciated in the grand design of your home. And best of all, our modern toilets look amazing next to our modern bathroom vanities and our modern bathtubs!

If you have any questions regarding our toilets or other bathroom furniture products, please give us a call at 1-888-900-0477 or contact us online.