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How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom Design

As homes become more and more standardized with increasingly cookie-cutter-esque tracts of real estate, they are becoming more cramped and crowded. Unfortunately, this crowding has led architects to prioritize room size according to leisure values: living rooms and master bedrooms are getting bigger. Bathrooms, on the other hand, are getting smaller. This is a terrible thing, really, since your bathroom is arguably the most important room in your home.

5 tricks to making the most of your small space

 So, how do you make the most of a small bathroom? We've made a list of our top five tricks in solving this problem.

  • Small Vanities with Big Storage

Since you’re strapped for space, you’ll have to be clever in your approach to really make the best of your new small bathroom design. First of all, you’re going to want to make the most of the space you have. Most small bathroom vanities are designed so the majority of their mass is actually storage, allowing you ample room to store all of your toiletries and other items. This will eliminate the need to get more shelving units and other clutter-causing installations.
36" Single Cabinet with Carrara White Marble Top and Rectangle Sink -White
  • Get Better Shelving

Of course, sometimes additional shelving units will be necessary for your bathroom. In that case, consider investing in corner stacked shelving units or side cabinets. These low-profile storage spaces will provide more room for organizing while limiting the overall appearance of clutter and noise in your guest bathroom.

London Linen Cabinet - White
  • Playing with Mirror Magic

You might also consider playing with optical illusions. Mirrors are excellent ways to create an illusion of space, as they make the bathroom seem more expansive than it is. Bright colors and plenty of sunlight also give your bathroom the illusion of size, so consider installing windows and perhaps a coat of white paint in your bathroom. A good decorative light fixture will also do wonders for your bathroom’s appearance.
Modern Trimless Bathroom Mirror
  • The Toilet Turn-Over

Another tactic is to invest in a new toilet. It's not something people often think about, but older toilets tend to be quite large and ungainly, as well as hopelessly inefficient. Just read how many "gallons per flush" your toilet goes through and see for yourself. Most modern toilets are designed to not only be more efficient and eco-friendly, but they are built to be slimmer and more elegant as well! Modern toilets will add just a little more space to your bathroom, so if you have the time and the resources, absolutely consider giving a new toilet a try. Note that modern toilets will also cost you less in water utility charges in the long run - so really, a new toilet can be a great investment.
Roma White One Piece Toilet
  • Do The De-Clutter Shuffle

Finally, get rid of all that clutter! A small bathroom vanity will help you with this, but you should still take care to throw away all those things in your bathroom that you rarely – if ever – use. Otherwise, they are just taking up excess space. Think about old towels and washcloths, mostly-empty bottles of soaps and products that you don't use often, spare toothbrushes, expired cleaning products, and all the things you leave out on the countertop such as shaving razors and floss containers. Can these things be moved into a cabinet or onto storage shelves? Can these things be thrown out altogether? When in doubt, throw it out - you can always buy a brand new replacement later if you really need it, but right now it is just taking up space.

So you see, making a small bathroom seem grand and welcoming isn't all that hard. With a little creativity and some great small bathroom vanities from Trade Winds Imports, you will surely make the most of your guest-sized bathroom!
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