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Bathroom Repair and Plumbing Fixes Resource Page

The Plumbing and Bathroom Repair Resource Page
Is your faucet leaking? Are your p-traps busted? Is your toilet not flushing? Is your bathroom vanity's fine finish peeling away under humidity? This is the resource section for you! Here, we feature our how-to articles to help you tackle any garden-variety bathroom plumbing repair or functional quick-fix. Read our articles, and become a "DIY" guru in no time!

  • How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink
    Oh no! The sink is clogged! But not to worry, this common household conundrum has a very simple fix. With our expert guide, we will teach you how to be an indomitable "DIY" drain de-clogger in no time! With our handy step-by-step instructions, even the most stubborn sinks won't be a match for your plumbing skills.

  • Simple Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Maintenance and Repair
    Learn how to clean and maintain your bathroom vanity with a few basic tips and tools. With regular, proper cleaning and occasional minor repairs and touch-ups, you can easily keep your bathroom vanity cabinet looking fresh and gorgeous for years!

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