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Bathroom Faucets

When you’re designing your bathroom, every detail counts. Here at Trade Winds Imports, we know that it’s the quality of the toilet, bath, bathroom vanity, sink, lighting, and yes, your bathroom faucets, that truly make the room. The little things have the biggest impact on your decor! To ensure that your bathroom always looks its best, we offer some of the best and brightest modern bathroom faucets available online.

The modern bathroom shopper has plenty of different faucet types to choose from, so you can certainly find the one that’s perfect for your bathroom’s unique decor and design. We at Trades Winds Imports are proud of our excellent selection. Take a look, and get the bathroom you’ve always dreamt of!

Modern Faucets

A modern bathroom deserves a modern faucet! We offer a wide range of modernized faucet designs, ones that incorporate glass and steel, and which give the room a clean and sophisticated feel. Modern faucet design is minimal, elegant, and bright.

Waterfall Faucets

Waterfall faucets always catch the eye. They are typically made of clean stainless steel with a chrome finish, and capped with a glass “satellite” - which makes them look quite lovely. But the real appeal is how the water comes out. These faucets are aptly named - the water comes out just like a waterfall! It’s a unique and beautiful way to wash your hands. If you want to make your bathroom stand out from the crowd, we recommend opting for this type of faucet.

Rustic Faucets

Some people look for a modern touch in their bathroom; others want to take things back a little. If you’re looking for more down-to-earth decor in your bathroom, then consider the rustic faucets we have available for purchase online. These have something of a vintage quality and can be made of brass or copper. These types of faucets have a rustic and and old-school feel, and can function to add an element of interest and intrigue to your bathroom. Rustic faucets are either industrial and minimalist, or vintage with decorative flair, but the common thread is an old-fashioned, metal aesthetic that looks gorgeous in wood-panel bathrooms or really just about anywhere.

Wall Faucets

A wall faucet is exactly what it sounds like: one that is mounted to a wall. Most faucets are attached to the sink directly, but these hang over the sink. The main advantage to this is that it gives the bathroom a clean and cohesive look. Wall mounted faucets can also be a little more visually interesting than typical faucets, since they provide something of a focal point on your wall, especially if they’re tinged with gold or bronze. Used well, wall faucets can really tie an entire bathroom together.

If you’re in the market for faucets that will help take your bathroom’s design to the next level, take a look at the selection we have here at Trade Winds Imports. We boast one of the web’s most outstanding and varied collections of faucets - including ones made of brushed nickel and stainless steel - available at all price points. If you have any questions about our products or about how you can place an order, be sure to get in touch with our USA based service team. We look forward to serving you.