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Why Buy From Us?

Hey, that's a really good question!

After all, there are literally hundreds of bathroom vanity, toilet, bathtub, and shower retailers online. Many of them are small-to-mid size businesses, like ours, and many of them are essentially cookie-cutter knockoffs of one another. And then, of course, there are the "Big Names" like Home Depot, Amazon, Pottery Barn - guys who "sell everything" and have millions and millions of pages of products. Everyone offers "free shipping," everyone offers the same warranty, everyone offers essentially the same call-center customer service and the same products from the same top-10 manufacturers.

Today, you're visiting Trade Winds Imports. Because you are looking for something else. Something more.

See, we're not like those other guys. This is how we're different:

1.) We're The Experts.

We've worked closely with almost every manufacturer under the sun. So we know what's out there, and what everyone offers. We've developed our own vanities and experimented with hundreds of different materials and construction methods, and all the custom permutations therein. So we know what works and what doesn't, and what makes a vanity strong and long-lasting.

We've installed, repaired, and refurbished thousands of vanity cabinets in-house, right here in San Marcos, California. So if you need help with your new cabinet, we can guide you from experience. We inspect EVERY cabinet that leaves our warehouse before it leaves our warehouse. Rest assured, you'll be receiving a perfectly handled vanity delivered right your doorstep.

We've been doing this for nearly a decade now, and our mentors have been doing it longer. Trust us: no one knows vanities like Trade Winds knows vanities. If you have a question, do you want to ask a general Home Depot employee, or a guy who works closely with your vanity every single day?

2.) Our Catalog Doesn't Have Everything.

Yeah, Amazon probably features every single vanity ever made in their catalog. If you're looking for sheer volume of options, perhaps so many options that it would take several hours to look through them all, then that's where you should go - Amazon doesn't discriminate or get hung up on 'little' details, like the longevity of your purchase.

But if you're looking for a company that actually cares about the quality of ALL of their products, and carefully curates their catalog to feature only the highest-quality furniture that's guaranteed to look great and live a long life in your home, then Trade Winds is the store you're looking for. Big box stores don't have a point of view. We believe that a company should never sacrifice quality in favor of quantity. We hand-pick the vanities we sell, so we only offer trusted products from trusted, high-quality manufacturers.

3.) Exclusivity

As a side effect of our meticulous curation habit outlined above, we offer models and manufacturers that are tough to find anywhere else - artisans and craftsmen manufacturers who produce low volumes of furniture but make up for it with quality and personality. And our love for well-made bathroom furniture even led us to begin developing our own special vanity line, JWH Imports, in 2010. We are constantly re-thinking our unique line to deliver unprecedented vanity luxury at an affordable price, and JWH Imports vanities can ONLY be found at Trade Winds Imports. If you want the strongest, most strikingly cool modern bathroom vanities for your home, we have just what you need right here - and no one else does it as well as we do.

4.) In-House Customer Service, Made in America

Have you ever called the support team at a major retail company like Pottery Barn, and were redirected to a generic call center somewhere in the middle of nowhere... perhaps even in another country? We have, and we don't much care for it.

That's why every service aspect of our company is based right here in the U.S.A., in our primary headquarters in beautiful San Diego, California. We are entirely an in-house small business with a professional, experienced American customer service team who knows our products and services inside out, and who really care about making you happy.

We want to delight our customers and go the extra mile for them, because in the end, we know that our customers are the ones who make us the great company we are. We can't do it without you. Come talk to us. We're really friendly!

So that's what makes us extraordinary, what separates us from all those other guys - names you've heard of, and names you haven't. But what about the other, less-unique stuff? What are the other reasons you should buy from us?

1.) Free Shipping

Like many of our competitors, we offer totally FREE shipping anywhere in the continental United States (that's every state but Alaska and Hawaii). If you live near our central warehouse in San Marcos, call us and ask about our FREE same-day local in-house delivery program.

2.) Fast Shipping

As with our competitors, we offer the fastest possible shipping we can using reliable nationally-recognized carriers. Our standard policy is 5 - 10 business day delivery, and your order typically leaves either the manufacturer's or our own warehouse within 3 days. Need a brand new vanity now? Do you need it yesterday? Then check out our awesome collection of Quick Ship vanities. These vanities are the products that we currently carry in our very own warehouse right now, and we will ship these vanities out to you within one business day. Get your new furniture faster with Quick Ship! As with all our shipping policies, our Quick Ship program is totally FREE.

3.) Price Match Guarantee

"We won't be undersold!" How many times have you read that before? But it's true with us too. And since our customer service representatives are right here in-house, and are actual employees instead of outsourced FAQ phone-answerers, we actually CAN offer you the best possible deal on any vanity, right away, over the phone. See a vanity somewhere else that's going for less than what we ask? Let us know, and we'll work hard to get you a better deal!

We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us a little better, and we are so proud to have such great customers. We owe you, for all that you do. And we promise to work hard to make your bathroom vanity buying process as easy, affordable, and exclusive as possible.

Thanks again for choosing Trade Winds Imports. And congratulations, by the way, on having such excellent taste.

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