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7 Tips for a Stellar Bathroom Remodeling Project – Without Breaking the Bank!

There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom, from improving your overall quality of living to increase the resale value of your home. The nice thing about small bathroom remodels is that you really don’t need to go broke with the project! You can actually complete a gorgeous bath renovation with minimal funds and some great DIY attitude! These are the Top 7 Tips for DIY small bathroom remodeling.

  • Start with the basics

    Chances are, the basics are all you will really need to do. In other words: don’t over-plan your remodeling project with luxuries. But if you stick to the basics and - when the remodeling project is completed - you find that you still want more, you can consider a fancy steam shower column or some other luxury so you can get that steam room sauna experience you’ve always wanted. But that should be a later decision.
  • Leave room in your budget

    If you’ve ever worked on a home renovation project before, you know how quickly the price tag can ring up. This is largely due to the variability of labor fees, and unless you really know what you’re doing, you’re probably going to have to hire an electrician or plumber at some point. Always include a nice safety net of funds in your budget in case your plumber uncovers unforeseen issues that require extra finances and time to fix. The same goes for electrical work; and depending on the extent to which you are doing this remodel yourself, it may go for carpentry and tiling work as well.
  • Get focused and plan, plan, plan

    Figure out early on what you want the primary focus in your bathroom to be. Do you want a really elegant tile floor that will draw lots of attention? Play it up, by downplaying your vanity cabinets and your tub. Do you want a really fancy cabinet with big majestic mirrors? Stick to solid color walls so they don’t overpower the cabinet. Basically: put your effort and the majority of your budget into a couple of foci and let the remainder of your bathroom design fall into place around those. 
  • Do it yourself

    Some bathroom remodeling work is pretty straightforward and can be handled by any competent handy-man or handy-woman. If you can pull up old tiles yourself, for example, you will save lots of money on demolition costs. Paying a professional to install your tile won’t cost as much if that professional doesn’t have to get rid of the old stuff first! And re-tiling is something you might be able to do yourself, too. Jobs like plumbing or electrical work, however, will likely require the assistance of an expert. Incorrect wiring and plumbing aren’t just frustrating, but can be extremely dangerous as well!
  • Don’t feel compelled to replace everything

    Consider recycling or refurbishing it. For example, stock vanity cabinets tend to get, worn out, and boring over a limited period of time. Instead of jumping immediately to a brand new cabinet, try refinishing the vanity. Maybe replace the drawer facings with something a little more attractive, or try a new countertop or faucet. If you’re very creative, you might be able to salvage those old wall tiles as well, and perhaps re-appropriate them in a new design or in a different room altogether.
  • Go green!

    Use energy-efficient CFL lights and water-restricting showerheads. Modern toilets often have flush controls now, too. Don’t waste money and time on things like a heated floor. 
  • Consider the little things

    Sometimes, the simplest things and smallest changes can have the biggest impact. Maybe all your bathroom really needs is a new paint job. Don’t get rid of the entire shower stall; just invest in a new shower column! Maybe you don’t need to replace your entire vanity; maybe all you need is a new faucet, or a new sink, or perhaps some brushed nickel handles. Maybe your toilet needs a new flush handle but doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced in its entirety. Assess your needs, and instead of “doing too much,” do the perfect amount to achieve your dream bathroom design.
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